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While most people rely heavily on their equipment to keep them cool, warm, or their product cold they don’t think about maintaining its performance. Unplanned equipment downtime can be costly to product or productivity. Our preventative maintenance checks are tailored specifically for your equipment. Simple things such as a loose connection on a wire can lead to massive repairs or system replacement costs. Don’t let that happen to you, call us today to hear more about our preventative maintenance plan and how it can work for you. 

 Why bother with Preventative Maintenance? 

HVAC/R equipment will operate more efficiently and fewer hours per day. This translates into reduced electrical consumption…. saving moneyExtends the operating life of your equipment; therefore, delaying the substantial cost of equipment replacementReduced emergency service repair costs by resolving many potential problems prior to failureLowes equipment failure rate…. Frequent equipment failure can hinder the success of your businessSavings in electrical consumption + reduced repair cost should more than offset the cost if purchasing a HVAC/R PM agreement.



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Phone: (919)883-6212